Richard Linklater - dream is destiny

Slacker. Indie filmmaker. Oscar nominee. Writer, director, producer, actor Richard Linklater is all these things and more, a poster boy for the fiercely independent style of filmmaking that emerged out of Austin, Texas in the late 1980s and 1990s.

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Series of short videos for ITVS after 9/11/01

Queen of Her Room

TRT: 27:28 minutes

A portrait of Julie Speed, visual artist and poet, for Gallery HD. Produced and Directed by Karen Bernstein

"The Story of Storybook"

TRT: 8 minutes

The story of the Women's Storybook Project of Texas. Produced by Jeff Bowden, Brandon Dickerson and Karen Bernstein as a sample for a possible feature documentary. Directed by Jeff Bowden and Brandon Dickerson. This version will be broadcast by KLRU in Austin, TX in two parts during the PBS NewsHour at the end of December, 2014. It is edited by Mike Saenz.

Our thanks to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, The Women's Storybook Project of Texas, and to Nancy Botkin and Warden Nelson. Special thanks to Lezlie, Selsa, Amanda and their wonderful families for their presence and cooperation.



Host David Brancaccio of APM's Marketplace leads a search throughout the United States of America for examples of innovative and sustainable local economies . Broadcast on PBS in 2012/13. Directed by Mary Olive Smith and Ellen Spiro. Produced by John Siceloff, David Brancaccio and Karen Bernstein. Edited by Nevie Owens.

Ella Fitzgerald - Something to Live For

(first 10 minutes)

Produced this Emmy Award-winning documentary biography for the PBS American Masters series. Directed by Charlotte Zwerin "No Place Like Here - Marfa, TX"

Produced and Directed by Karen Bernstein.

This web video for went viral within 24 hours of web launch. 250,000 hits on the Etsy website and repostings on BoingBoing and Huffington Post. Produced in 3 days during one of the coldest freezes Marfa has ever experienced, with temperatures dipping down at -5 degrees during the day. Edited by Susan Simmons and shot by Joe Cashiola. Music by Adam Bork.

Clint Eastwood- Out of the Shadows

(first 10 minutes)

For PBS' American Masters series. Produced and Directed by Bruce Ricker, co-Produced by Karen Bernstein.

Children of Giant

Produced for Galan Inc. and Latino Public Broadcasting


Produced and Directed by Karen Bernstein.

As part of KLRU's Arts in Context series, Director/ Producer Karen Bernstein documented Rino Pizzi and his art project, transFIGURATION. Two years in the making, 12 artist photography portraits later, 12 destructions and 12 restorations, Karen shot most of the documentary program and edited all of it. Graphics are packaged by KLRU and the Art in Context team.

Allen Project Tease

7 minutes/ An Intrepid Dancer Production. Produced and Directed by Karen Bernstein.

A sample that I particularly love for a documentary that was never made, unfortunately...

Marfa Voices sample trailer for NEA

Produced and Directed by Karen Bernstein.

The Judd Foundation contracted with me to work with Rainer Judd on a short piece about her father's relationship with the small town of Marfa in Texas where he lived from 1972 until his death in 1994. Marfa Voices, as this piece on Donald Judd was named, originally ran as a presentation video during an Open House weekend in 2006.

Director's Work Sample, PRODUCING LIGHT

Produced and Directed by Karen Bernstein.

A behind the scenes look at Ballet Austin as it prepares for and performs, "Light - The Holocaust and Humanity Project", which was choreographed by Stephen Mills. The ballet is based on the life of a WW2 concentration camp survivor, Naomi, who is interviewed for the film.