"Fascinating film."

MAVEN’S NEST | Nora Mandel

"A true stand-out."

"You will watch this movie and you will get it; whatever you didn’t understand before or felt you couldn’t relate to regarding “trans” people… this movie is the answer"

"It somehow explains the entire world of humanity – the pain, the joy, the difficulty, the humor, the singular fact of being alive."

INDIE NYC | Helen Kaplow

"I really enjoyed this documentary, it is exciting, touching, emotional"


"A rich, truly fascinating and entertaining documentary."

THE QUEER REVIEW | James Kleinmann - 5/5 Stars

"a marvelous portrait of a life-long quest to be one's self and be happy with who you are."

"I loved this film and everyone in it."

"Highly recommended. This is one of the must sees at DOC NYC"

UNSEEN FILMS | Steve Kopian